Penn Medicine’s MyPennMedicine is an easy and secure way to manage your treatment online. Send non-critical messages to your recital, and you will receive a response within two business days. You can also go to My Penn Medicine to read your PCP notes, get references, and reorder medications after your appointment.


They make it easy for you to make the right choice. You even have the option to register online before your visit or join a mailing list to be notified of offers in advance.

MyPennMedicine allows you to share your wellness data with multiple healthcare providers. You can also link your records to other health associations that you can refer to learn more about your wellness in one place.

The system provides instant access to your test results as they become available. You can even view past test results and document progress separately. You can also access notes created and shared by your stakeholder group during your outpatient consultations. They will often remind you of important facts about taking prescriptions or treating illnesses.

Some of the main features of MyPennMedicine are as follows:

  • Registration is possible up to four days before your appointment, no matter where you are.
  • The portal allows you to update your personal and health information
  • The same portal can also be used to sign documents and pay bills.
  • MyPennMedicine.org now lets you choose how you want to be notified about different types of notifications.
  • You can view test results as they become available. You can access it online using the MyPennMedicine Mobile app.


myPennMedicine has its own mobile app through which you can easily access your personal health records. It is available for Android and IOS users and can be easily downloaded from the respective stores.

myPennMedicine is a secure website that provides encrypted communications in full compliance with state and federal regulations. Users can only access it if they are registered at their health post. Your medical information on myPennMedicine is protected by your personal ID and password that only you know. MyPennMedicine messages are delivered while you are securely logged into the official website, unlike traditional email. Medical information is securely stored behind the firewall in an electronic patient record system to prevent unauthorized access.