myPennMedicine allows users to stay in touch anytime, anywhere with details such as medical history, test results, referrals, prescription drugs, refill requests, and appointments.


The portal gives you instant access to the details you need most, great for your eyes. MyPennMedicine requires a computer connected to the Internet, an up-to-date browser, and an email address in order to access all of its services.

Services At MyPennMedicine

Here are the services you can use ​​by registering on the official myPennMedicine portal:

Test Results – Most test results for myPennMedicine sites will be available on myPennMedicine immediately or two days after completion. You can track your progress over time, viewing past results one by one. You can also contact the vendor who ordered the test if you have any questions or concerns about the results. As soon as a new test result is available, you will be notified by email.

Messages: myPennMedicine provides messages that allow you to securely send non-urgent medical questions, prescriptions and appointments to your provider. You can also send attachments like forms, records and photos.

Availability and planning: After registering on the official portal, you can easily schedule your appointment according to your preferred location and date. The myPennMedicine system makes it easy for patients to book appointments.

Medical Records: You can link your myPennMedicine medical records to your medical records at participating organizations.


Pre-Register: Register with pre-registration with myPennMedicine and the myPennMedicine app before going to a Penn drug provider. This allows you to sign up for your appointment faster.

With pre-registration, you can:

  • Make sure your personal and insurance information is up to date.
  • Make sure your favorite pharmacies, medications, allergies and health issues are up to date.
  • Sign certain documents electronically.

Insurance: In myPennMedicine you can add new insurance, modify existing insurance or delete existing insurance.