MyPennMedicine is one of the safest and most convenient ways to treat patients online. Non-critical messages can be sent to your expert group, and you will receive a response within two business days. In addition, with myPennMedicine, you can see notes that your stakeholder group has taken and shared during outpatient visits.


You will often find that notes contain important information about taking prescriptions or treating illnesses and that registration is completely free.

myPennMedicine Portal Benefits

Here are the benefits you will get by registering on the official myPennMedicine portal:

A simple and secure way to pay your bills online

The portal allows you to update your personal and health information, sign documents, and pay bills. Your bills and debts can be paid online, eliminating the need to manage your checkbook, credit card, or unnecessary physical contact during the meeting.


You can also book your own doctor and specialist appointments and subscribe to electronic waiting lists for past appointments. Also, your favorite appointments can be saved, speeding up the process. You can configure myPennMedicine to receive notifications of your health needs. Access to emergency care is also available from the myPennMedicine login page. You can visit the portal at any time to schedule an emergency visit.

Receive regular notifications

Would you like to manage how Penn Medicine gets in touch with you? On, you can now choose how you want to be contacted about the different types of notifications. The My Penn Medicine connection will keep you informed about medical news and your medical reports.

Test results

You can access your test results online through myPennMedicine as they become available. You can view past results one by one and see your progress over time. MyPennMedicine makes it easy to access your healthcare team’s notes for outpatient consultations. It is important to include information about your medications or treatment for a medical condition in these notes.

Share your health information with others.

The myPennMedicine portal allows you to easily and securely share your Penn Medicine medical information with other providers. Plus, you can link your accounts to other healthcare organizations you visit to get more details about your healthcare in one place.